To the observant among us, on the day of the church fete, our new Speed Indication Device, fondly known as SID, was deployed outside the Poplars pub.  This device has been obtained through the hard work of Councillor Simon Taylor, who spent many hours organising the arrival of SID including setting up the required metro counts and attending courses on the safe deployment of SID.  SID will be placed in various parts of the village as a visual deterrent to speeding motorists.  We started outside the pub on Saturday 10th June and it certainly had the desired effect.  SID is the property of Wingfield Parish Council so in theory we all have a share in SID.  If you see anyone attempting to vandalise SID, this must be reported straight away to the police, as SID is there as a deterrent to excess speed.  We hope you will all make SID welcome in the village and treat him as one of the family.  He has a great fondness for people who drive within the speed limit but can quickly lose his temper with people who drive at more than 40 mph.  He doesn't need feeding as he is solar powered.

Traffic Calming Plan – UPDATE

From: Thomas, Dave [] Sent: 24 September 2015 08:36 To: Margaret <> Cc: Macdonald, Magnus <> Subject: Lining works on Frome Road
  Mrs Novotni,   At the last CATG meeting it was agreed to proceed with the lining works on Frome Road at Wingfield as shown on the attached plan.  Rather than ordering these works in isolation I have added them to the major safety scheme works that we will be carrying out at the crossroads commencing next week.  This will enable the works to be done sooner rather than later.  The only exception is that the red coloured surfacing cannot be included as we are now outside the season for this type of work (it requires warm and dry weather).  It would be my intention to return next spring time to do this element of the works.   I hope this meets with your approval.   Regards   David M Thomas I.Eng. MICE Traffic Engineering Manager Traffic & Network Management   Tel. 01225 713312 e mail.