To the observant among us, on the day of the church fete, our new Speed Indication Device, fondly known as SID, was deployed outside the Poplars pub.  This device has been obtained through the hard work of Councillor Simon Taylor, who spent many hours organising the arrival of SID including setting up the required metro counts and attending courses on the safe deployment of SID.  SID will be placed in various parts of the village as a visual deterrent to speeding motorists.  We started outside the pub on Saturday 10th June and it certainly had the desired effect.  SID is the property of Wingfield Parish Council so in theory we all have a share in SID.  If you see anyone attempting to vandalise SID, this must be reported straight away to the police, as SID is there as a deterrent to excess speed.  We hope you will all make SID welcome in the village and treat him as one of the family.  He has a great fondness for people who drive within the speed limit but can quickly lose his temper with people who drive at more than 40 mph.  He doesn't need feeding as he is solar powered.

Fly-tipping in Wingfield! – Who did this?

An absolutely shocking and appalling site appeared in Wingfield today.  Someone has fly-tipped a conservatory roof in the lay-by on the B3109 between the crossroads and Bradford on Avon.  If you know anything about this, can you please inform the parish council, as it is socially unacceptable for rubbish like this to be dumped in our village.  At the next meeting of the Parish Council in September we will be discussing the installation of CCTV in the lay-bys to record future incidents of fly-tipping.
flytip2 flytip1

Parish Council Installs Defibrillator at the Poplars

'This week has seen the installation of a HeartSafe Public Access Defibrillator in the village.  The cabinet is located at the Poplars pub and we'd like to thank James and his team for their support of the project.  We hope that this piece of life saving equipment is welcomed in the village but also hope in a way that it will not be needed.  In the event of an emergency dial 999 and follow the clear instructions on how to open the cabinet and operate the unit with the support of the emergency services.
We have only been able to obtain the defibrillator with the generous support of the Friends of Bradford on Avon Community Healthcare, who made a donation to the Parish Council, which went a long way toward covering the cost of buying and installing the unit.  We also would like to thank Jon and Josh from Apollo Electrical for their work installing the cabinet at the pub.'
Tony Bennion