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Ms. Harrower,
Thank you for your recent telephone call enquiring about the progress of this insurance claim.
I can confirm that enquiries are being made to secure a replacement for the stolen bronze statuette and for the repair of the memorial. There is no surviving 'mould' or 'cast' of the statuette - it was unique - and it is possible that a replacement will require a new sculpture by an artist, the preparation of a mould and then the casting of the figure in bronze. The figure will then have to be mounted, securely affixed to the War Memorial structure and any damage to the War Memorial structure made good. There exists only one or two photographs of the statuette and these would have to be used as a guide for any replacement.
Notwithstanding these difficulties a number of suppliers of religious artefacts have also been contacted to establish whether such a statuette, or one very similar in design, can be purchased 'off the shelf'. These enquiries are continuing - both in the UK and overseas.
Wingfield Parish Council only meet every second month - and it is only at a properly convened Parish Council meeting that decisions can be taken - hence the apparent slow progress regarding this matter.
The desecration of this War Memorial at Wingfield was inexcusable but I can assure you that the Parish Council is determined to restore the memorial and for it, once again, to be the centrepiece of the village. It had been in the village since World War 1.
I will keep you informed regarding progress.
Roger Coleman
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